A Celebration of Kansas City's Rich Musical Legacy

Three Light features a brilliant composition of artwork celebrating Kansas City’s vibrant music heritage and its dynamic present day. With visual salutes to Kansas City jazz legends Count Basie and Charlie “Bird” Parker all throughout the building, memorable pieces pay tribute to Basie and Bird, with a white-to-black gradient that evokes Basie’s piano keys, while brass tones conjure Parker’s saxophone.

Residents are greeted with two murals on the exterior of the building. A large jazz-themed mural that was originally painted for the Power & Light District in 2008 has been recreated on the North side of Three Light as it was covered up during construction. To ensure it had a new home, the District hired local artist Alexander Austin to bring it back to life in its new location. Charlie (Bird) Parker, Mary Lou Williams, Count Basie and some of KC`s most renowned landmarks and architectures were carefully executed to ensure the attractive representation of some of the great people and achievements that are part of the history of Kansas City. Additionally a second mural on the south side of the building was also unveiled this week with the lyrics to “Kansas City.”

All images are copyrighted and used with sole intention to promote the property’s art collection.